Kanal + Viktor’s Joy

30. März 2020
Kanal + Viktor’s Joy

Two Solos One Show

KANAL / Tobias Buder Solo (Center)

Tobias Buder is the Singer and Songwriter of the Berlin art-rockband Kanal. Kanal have re-leased 4 Albums and 2 Eps. The last one “Die Stimmen” came out on CooCooRecords in 2018. The Band is now working on their 5th record. Kanal exists in different formats. Tobias solo and Duo performances with Bandmate Sarah Renner are raw, urgently powerful and fragile interpretations of his songs. “Tobias Buder plays whispered, mourned and screamed slow german poetry for you. A journey through barren landscapes at night.

Viktor’s Joy ( Left and Right)

Viktor’s Joy is the musical project of the Estonian, Berlin based songwriter and composer Kaarel Malken. Through his autobiographical lyrics, supported by hypnotic guitar picking and a voice steady and low, Malken describes people, neighbourhoods, bus journeys – his interior and exterior world. In 20017 he released his first fulminant record “I used to be clean”. Viktor’s Joy is able to give you the “Leonard Cohen Afterworld” Kurt Cobain longed for in “Pennyroyal Tea”.