Album 2009

This is KANAL’s first record.


1. Anfang
2. Kaputt
3. Streetfuck
5. Aderwerk
6. Klang
7. Requisitenwechsel
8. Gleiches nochmals anders
 The song „Erfunden“ was used for the film : „Holger und Hanna und der ganze kranke Rest“
Songs and Lyrics: Tobias Buder.

Music: KANAL

Members 2009:
Tobias Buder
Hannes Richter
Hannes Meyer


The secound edition of the first record
comes in a A5 sized booklet, including all the lyrics. It is bound into a black paperboard with a golden brown cover.
The picture on every cover is unique and hand drawn by Tobias Buder.
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