Die Gäste

Producer: tobias buder
 1. Die Gäste
 2. Laufen wir!
 3. Zermürbe DIch
 4. Das Haus auf dem Hügel
 5. Trauer
 6. Insel
 7. Abstoßen
 8. Abend.Stadt in der Ferne
 9. This be the verse
10. Ekel

released June 19, 2010

Songs and Lyrics: Tobias Buder.
Music: KANAL

Except „This be the verse“: Text by Philip Larkin

Members 2010:
Tobias Buder
Hannes Richter
Hannes Meyer
Robert Stephan

This Record is available as a compact disc.
Original booklet contains six illustrations by the design artist Mara Brigis.

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