Producer: Tobias Buder

EP 2009


  1. China

2. Stadt.laut

3. Park

4. Einstellen

5. The white flight

6. With the fragments of the end of every journey

Thesecound edition of „China“ comes in a A5 sized booklet, including all the lyrics. It is bound into a black paperboard with a golden brown cover.
The picture on every cover is unique and hand drawn by Tobias Buder.

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The EP China is a collection of songs that had been recorded together with the Aderwerk songs, but didn’t quite fit to the record.
The song „Long way to China“ is the result of the short-lived, but very productive project „Buder/Zwaag“ in 2006. This project resulted in a lot of theoretic ideas, thoughts and approaches. Many of those musical ideas influences the beginning of KANAL.
„Einstellen“ and „Park“ had been originally composed in english. The original versions are included in the Download as bonus tracks.
„The white flight“ had already been recorded by KANAL’s previous band project „panic in the impasse“. As it turns out, the original version seems to be better.The first edition of „China“ went out of stock pretty fast. A 2nd, limited edition is available.

released March 14, 2009

Songs and Lyrics: Tobias Buder.
Music: KANAL

except „Long way to China“ (Text: Zwaag, Music: Buder/Zwaag);
„Stadt. laut“ (Music: Richter, Buder, Meyer);
„Einstellen“ (Music: Buder; Text: Buder/Zwaag)

Members 2009:
Tobias Buder
Hannes Richter
Hannes Meyer